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Legal Profession Act Review

Towards a New Legal Profession Act for the Northwest Territories

As you know, the Law Society of the Northwest Territories has embarked on a review of the Legal Profession Act.  This is an exciting event, and we are hoping to have, when we are completed, a “best in class” piece of legislation dealing with lawyer administration, regulation and governance.  For many of us, this may be the only opportunity we have to have input into the development of our governing legislation.

The Committee to review the Legal Profession Act has prepared a Discussion Paper, based upon the initial consultation responses received from the Law Society membership, and others, and extensive discussions.

A copy of that Discussion Paper can be found here.

We are again looking to hear from the membership.  We welcome any comments that you have on any item in the Discussion Paper, any items that are not in the Discussion Paper that you think ought to be included, or any other comments on regulation, governance and administration.

Again, some of you may receive this more than once, as the Paper is also being sent to the Chairs of all standing committees of the Law Society.

We would like whatever comments you have to be provided to us not later than Thursday, October 31, 2019.

You can send your comments to  If you are by the office and have comments, you can drop them off.  You can reply to this e-mail, and Bob Wilson will get your comments.  All comments will be collected and passed on to the Committee.

Please take a few minutes, review the Discussion Paper, and provide us with your comments.